četrtek, 01. november 2012


  As almost every year we visited in March the bigest dog show in the world - Crufts in the English town Birnigham. There were many reasons for joy. Borzoi winner of the breed  - BOB was CH  Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk of our dear friend Sue Carter. From same kennel Rothesby coming  our two dogs Miracle and Red Sky.

BOB CH Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk & BOS Nadiezda Magnus Borzoi Saringa

     Crufts is a truly special exhibition, because there we meet lovers of the breed from around the world. In particular, we are strongly shout  for our friend Krešo Besedič and his bich CH Kantyczka from Croatia, who won second place end R.CC in really strong competition of females.  

   We are very happy for sister of our Red Sky - Rothesby Sholwood Blue Silk , who won class .          Congratulation again Sue !

    I was impressed with best puppy Ryazan Anton , son of breed winner Snow Hawk . 
   Congratulation to his breeder Jean Claire !

           Snow Hawk  at the evening became group winner of large Hound group. Well done Sue !

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