sobota, 27. december 2008

happy new year 2009

This is the time of the year , when we would like to say thank you to all of friends , for all good things , friendship and support and to wish you all MARRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

ponedeljek, 08. december 2008

News from Estonia - Gardeia

I have just received this beautifull photos of Gardeia. She is a little lady and definitly knows how to poze. Gardeia attended her first show and got puppy BOB, congratulations.
Thank you Jelena and Rita for taking care of her.
and now you can take photos

ops, can I run

just a little kiss

Golubaja Galia Wolkowo - Mery - new photos at her home

As you can see our little Mery is not little anymore. She is doing fine with her new family, Marta and the rest of the pack. She had a grate time at walk.

Gromkij Golos Wolkowo - visit at Zagreb show

Just after 14 days we were again able to see our Grom. Zeljka and her family came to the Zagreb show. He is a lovely boy and he really did attach to his new family.
Thank you Zeljka for bringing him to show and to take so good care of him.

ponedeljek, 01. december 2008

Show news - Zagreb club show and Intl Show November 2008

It was friday afternoon me, my son Kristjan, Davor and our friend Natasa, offcourse with the company of Fars and Galka started the trip to Zagreb ( CRO). There was a Sighthound club show and International show in one weekend. Although the trip was not long, the weather was not so nice, so we started out trip quite early. The club show started at 18:00 and finished at 24:00, long day for all and on next day there was another show. We were happy that we didn't have to go back home but we staid with our friend Tomislav at his home. We have spend wonderfull 2 days, meeting a lot of friends. Owners of 2 of our puppies Grom and Tomo came to see us and this made me specialy happy.
Show info:
( photo: Natasa Rihar )

very prommising - puppy BIS at club show

very promissing both days - 3rd in class/1st in class


ponedeljek, 24. november 2008

Galantnij Gliad Wolkowo - at age almost 6 month

My name is Gliad and from saturday evening on I was named " Gipsy ".
I am also still looking for ne home and like my brother I will make someone happy for sure.

Gordij Gogol Wolkowo - at age almost 6 month

My nick name is "Mirko"and I am big boy now. Mirko is still looking for new home to which I am sure he will bring a lot of happines. He is lovely in character and good loocking also.

Gromkij Golos Wolkowo at his new home

Dear All,
our lovely boy "Grom" went to his new family on sunday 16th of November. He went to Zagreb- Croatia to live with Curic family.
As you can see it is a big family and acording to Zeljka's words they are all doing just fine. He has a doggy companion which he likes very much, he has children which love him and play with him and he has a baby Dan to sleep with and this is the most important.
Thank you Zeljka for this lovely photos and I wish you all many moment together to remember.

sreda, 19. november 2008

Our trip to Regensburg on 07.11.2008 to meet new owners

Dear All,
I would like to tell our story about the trip to Regensburg. It all started when we finaly agree that little Gavril and Galia are going to new homes. Because the distance from me and new owners was very long we agreed to meet us in Regensburg, which is on half way. The planing begins. I didn't want to drive on my own, it is not so short trip about 520km one way for one day and having 2 puppies in the car, so I have asked my friend Natasha to join me. Natasha is also Bozroi owner, but her borzoi male Ninochka's Volodja had to stay at home.
We started our trip on friday morning at 6:30. The trip was ok, so we decided to had a little stop at the lake which is located just after we entered to Germany from Austria. We had a lovely walk and the puppies really enjoyed it. We continue our trip in we arived to the Regensburg meeting point location at 12:30. When we arrived Marta the new owner of Galia, was already there and you can see below the photo of first contact with Galia.

The owner of Gavril was still on the way, so we decided to go for a little walk

At 14:00 also Brigitte with her Friend Maria arrived to the meeting point. We went all together for a cup of coffe and soon we needed to say goodbay and start our trip back.
Litlle Galia was just unbelivable and she climbed in to Marta's car by herself and put her head to Marta's daugther lap. It was just beautifull moment and I felt relived and convinced that all will be ok with her.
Little Gavril climbed in to Brigitta's care because a treeth was waiting for him inside, so no problem for him also.

Here you can see first photos of gavril at his new home. He lives in the Vom Tolhaus kennel - with Brigitte Dorring and his husband and family. Thank you for taking so good care of him

Galia, or better she is called Mery now, lives with Silent Enigma kennel -, with Marta Krapova and her family. Thank you Marta for taking so good care of her.

And at the end me and Natasha arrived home also safe and with no problem. It was a nice expirience.

ponedeljek, 17. november 2008

Fatalnij Fantom Wolkowo

This is one more boy from our FF litter, which I would like to introduce to you. His owner Mario call's him " Tomo ". This was his nick name from the small puppy and it staid like this. He is a lovely boy and acording to Mario's words he his grate companion. Thank you Mario for taking so good care of him.

Fanabernij Fanfaron Wolkowo - his owner got married

Congratulations Helena and Marko, we wish you many happy years

Fitjulnij Fedja Wolkowo and his family

Dear All,
I would like to introduce to you this lovely boy from our FF litter. His name is " Fedja " and he is 19 month old. He lives his life Kamnik, near to capital Ljubljana with Dana and her family. I am very happy to be able to say that he has a grate life and I would like to use this oportunity to say thank you Dana and family for taking such good care of him.

četrtek, 16. oktober 2008

News - October 2008

You are all very welcome to have a look at our updated photos of GG litter and other news in below contributions.

ponedeljek, 13. oktober 2008

Galantnaja Galka Wolkowo at age 4 month

This little girl is our new kennel star. We do hope that she will folow the steps of her relatives in the future. She is very gentle in one pont but still she knows exactly what she wants ( to be in the bed ).