petek, 29. avgust 2008

Fanabernij Fanfaron Wolkowo - 03.04.2007

Dear All,

We would like to introduce to you this boy from your FF litter. His owner Helena Novak calls him »Ron« and you can see how he enjoys summer holidays. He found a loving home with Helena and her boyfriend Marko and they both take very good care of him.

torek, 26. avgust 2008

Faworita Francuza Polot - 13.03.2005 - Breed by Wieslawa Misterka, owned by Agata Juszczyk

Faworita Francuza Polot - 13.03.2005 (Metel D´Al Kerby x Bezputaja Bolva Wolkowo), Breed by Wieslawa Misterka, owned by Agata Juszczyk.
Młodzieżowy ChampionPolski- Champion Polski- Champion Słowacji / Slovakia Champion- Champion Litwy/Lituania Champion- Interchampion- Slovakian Club Winner'07- Polish Club Winner'07- Lituanian Club Winner'07- Lituanian Club Winner'08- Baltic Winner'08- Savaria Winner'08

This magnificent female, which dominates on all the shows all over the Europe, from East to West and Scandinavia is a daughter of Ch. Bezputaja Bolva Wolkowo.

We are very proud of her and would like to congratulate her breeder and especially owner Agata for deserved success. In the movement she reminds us very much to her grandmother Mch. Hlopkovaja Almaska the most successful female in our kennel.

ponedeljek, 25. avgust 2008

Galantnaja Galka Wolkowo

Galka, what can I say about her. She is very gentle and at the same time she knows what she wants. She behaves just like her aunt Crymson Claymore Wolkowo ( Kim) , I hope that she will also look like her when she grows up.

Golubaja Galia Wolkowo - at age 3 month - still looking for new home

This little lady makes us happy. She is so cute and playfull, it is hard to get away from her. She has very nice character and grate outlines.

Gordij Gogol Wolkowo - at age 3 month - still looking for new home

Gogol is Gogol what can I say. He was the one who was the most interested in running in the garden when there was raining and get dirty. He had a grate time.

Gromkij Golos Wolkowo - at age 3 month - still looking for new home

Golos is a very calm and very easy to handle puppy. He is very strong in body, but very gentle in hearth.

Galantnij Gliad Wolkowo - at age 3 month - still looking for new home

Gliad is a lovely puppy, showing high potential since he was born. The photos today are not the best quality, we had a terrible storm, not nice weather for taking photos, but the puppies were happy to play on the rain and be dirthy.

Gerojskij Gavril Wolkowo - at age 3 month - reserved

Gavril is a very active puppy, nice in character and always happy. Today he was more interested to be on the table when his brothers and sisters were stood up for taking photos.

Filigranovij Farfor Wolkowo of Russkaya

Dear All,

we would like to introduce to you "Filip"- Filigranovij farfor Wolkowo of Russkaya ( Mch. Belogrudij Berkut Wolkowo & Ch. Bilans Bare Truth Wolkowo . This is the young boy from our FF litter born on 03.04.2007.

This lovely male has found his home in UK with Gabrielle Slater, who is just more then owner to him. We are very happy that he has developed in a beautifull young male and specialy that he lives grate life with Gabrielle, her husband and other dogs in the family. " Filip" already started his show carier and the results are more then excellent.

Thank you Gabrielle.


1. Borzoi Club open show – March 30th 2008 – judge: puppy class - result: 1st place – white/grey masculine dog of elegance and goo overall proportions and size. Is slightly more mature in body than head this stage. Scored with his strong front, superb depth of chest and sound movement
2. Northern Borzoi Championship show – April 2008 – judge: Mrs S Ridge Reeves - Junior Dog - 2nd place - Mainly white pleasing head good length of neck super body condition well sprung ribs. Very shapely when standing. Thought he would be my winner but movement let him down.
3. Southern Countries Championship show – May 31st 2008 – judge: Robin Spencer – Junior class – 1st place – Lean head, good bight with no loss of strenght in jaw, adequate depth of chest, plenty of lenght in loin, well proportioned with good bend of rear stifle, tight feet, moved freely with plenty of drive.
4. Hound Club of East Anglia – 10th of June 2008 - Judge Mrs S Pinkerton (Menigma) – Junior class – 1st place
5. Houndshow 2008 – judge: Mrs Anne Thornewell – Junior class – 1st place
6. Leeds 2008 – judge: Mrs L Worthy – Junior dog – 2nd place – almost all white with just a touch of grey on head & ears – type that I like, well balanced overally, good bone & substance. Prefered head and movement of 1st.

Filip at age 7 month atInternational dog show in Zagreb (CRO) where he got very promissing.

sobota, 23. avgust 2008


Dear All,
on friday morning on 15th of August our little girl Gardeia started her trip to her new home in Estonia. My son Kristjan and me traveld with her to Tallin and spend a weekend there with Rita Teek and Jelena Knjazeva, the new owners of our Gardeia. During the trip little girl was like a dream and we didn't have any problems at all. After arrival she joined her new family without any problems and she is havening grate time in her new home.
Thank you Rita and Jelena for spending time with us and taking good care of Gardeia.

Gardeia in her new home
Gardeia on the trip