petek, 10. julij 2009

LENDAVA - dog show of superlatives, or when the judge thinks he's a God

Last weekend we traveled to another part of our country, to a traditional dog show Lendava 2009. This is a dogshow with one of the longest traditions in Slovenia. For more than twenty years, this is one of my favorite dog shows since they always bonfire only superlatives : good organization, excellent place , outstanding judges, the rich prizes ...

Again didn't disappoint. The exhibition was divided into two days, unlike most of today's modern organizers, who in the greed for money compete how in the shortest time at the smallest possible space to press most dogs and their owners, and so in one day organize CACIB all breeds + special breedshow + club exhibition etc . In Lendava exhibit half of dogs on Saturday and half on Sunday in a huge place with the short shear grass carpet. Here I reminded the first time in a long time once again ,that dogshows can be pleasant, with enough space for dogs, owners and visitors,where not the whole-day barking 1000 dogs , which then echoes in my head continues all week. Big congratulations and thenks to organization-team .

I will not brag to myself, because we don't need this , but our Rothesby Sholwood Miracle-Mirko was winner of champion class , CAC , CACIB and became yet Slovenian champion. I hope that will be Helena congratulated in comments :-)

Unfortunately on this show we can saw, how with the wrong selection of the judge lost a large number of exhibitors. All day we have witnessed the developments in one of the show rings. The person who ruled in the ring was more than obviously confident about its God's mission. With the arrogant attitude to exhibitors, who are waiting in the ring while the judge at the same time discussing with other exhibitors. All are waiting in the ring during the one of exhibitor brought pedigree and discussing about them with judge . While judge some dogs just look and evaluate with his back facing towards exhibitors, is chatting with the other in the ring during the evaluation. As I followed the evaluation , in to the professionalism of these person is no doubt and it was obvious that the person knows very well the breed which was judging.

However, organizers and judges should also be aware that most exhibitors did not pay 50 euros per dog, to get in two minutes in the ring, where the judge scarcely looked her dog estimate - very good . This has happened almost 80% all the exhibitors in these ring. Most of these people will no longer come to Lendava.

And please don’t tell me stories about high criteria. I 'm an exhibitor already almost 30 years and I've read these fairy tales from cover to cover a long time ago.

četrtek, 09. julij 2009

mothers & daughters

Agata Juszczyk, a friend from Poland has sent us a photos of their top winning borzoi Multi ch Favorita Francuza Polot – Bona . On int. dogshow in Krakow she took CAC, CACIB & BOS. In the ring, she met best veteran - her mother ch Bezputaja Bolva Wolkowo own by Višnja Misterka. Bona's father is well known top winning borzoi Multi ch Metel D'Al Kerby from France.
From top to bottom : Favorita , Favorita & Bolva , Metel .

Agata has some beautiful puppies available. You can visit them at the following address: