torek, 24. februar 2009


Our dear friend, Tomasz (Bilans borzoi) sent us photos Miracle's daughter Bilans GOD'S Breath (Ch Rothesby Sholwood Miracle X Ch Bilans Bed of Roses)at her first show T. She looks very nice. Tomasz , thanks for photos !

sreda, 11. februar 2009

Czech girl - Golubaja Galia Wolkowo : - )

Our dear friend Alena Portešova ( Royal- Lily borzoi ) has sent us amazing photos of Golubaja Galia Wolkowo - Mary ( almost 9 months ) and her Boni( Born to fly Royal Lily ) at play . Photoshoot was made on Saturday, when Mary's owner Marta Krapova ( Silent Enigma borzoi ) visited Alena and her "gang" . Alena is realy one of the best dogs photogrphers. Look at photos and judge . Thanks a lot girls !

Estonian girl - Gracioznaja Gardeia Wolkowo : - )

Jelena and Rita from Estonia send us fotos of our sweet girl Gardeia at almost 9 month . Gardeia is on fotos with her buddy Ataman . Thanks girls !

četrtek, 05. februar 2009

Happy birthday Maska !

The Queen was thirteen ! God bless her.
Saturday is our Hlopkovaja Almaska celebrated thirteenth birthday. We wish her many healthy years with us.