nedelja, 25. marec 2012

TYLKO TEN POLOT - handsome young boy

Last weekend we wisited our friend Wisnia , and CACIB Katowice . It was big show , about 25 borzois were there . I saw manny very nice dogs . BOS & best bich was my favorite there . Sister to Crufts winnwer bitch this year .
And we met Wishnya's young dog Tylko Ten Polot . He is son of our CH Rothesby Sholwood Miracle and beautiful CH Aparycja Amantki Polot . Tylko Ten is young extremly handsome male with winners personallity and great future . Like him very much . He was junior winner in class of five on Katowice show .
Wisnia has at the moment very promissing puppies out of Aparycja's daughter Owiana Otucha
Polot and Miracle's kennelmate Rothesby Sholwood Red Sky . Some of them are maybe still available :

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