torek, 22. marec 2011

Crufts after Crufts!

I do not know what we leads us constantly to Crufts? Probably will be true what says our friend Krešo: Crufts is still Crufts! The biggest dogshow in the world. Although there have been this year a record small number of borzois . I don't know reason , but it's pitty . Something over 60 dogs in ring , compared with years when I first came to Crufts and were showed around 150 borzois was really a very small number. In particular, I was surprised by the lack of a large number of english breeders? and a considerable number of dogs from Europe: Russia, Poland, Netherlands, France, Croatia and Sweden - winner of Crufts :-))
We came to England by plane Trieste - Stanstead day before the show. Our hosts were just as many years Gay and Martin Slater. At the excellent cuisine of chef Martin and a lesson on whiskey, we concluded the evening. Talisker single malt was my absolute favorite. Chili Concarne was exelent too!

Gay and Martin live on beautiful countryside near the pleasant town of Newmarket so typical for England. Countryside as we looked in serial " Murder She Wrote" .

On Saturday we went to Crufts. The nightmare of the previous day as driving a english rentacar on the left side of the road was continued .With us were this time our friends from Slovenia Zvone and Nadja. Zvone was our driver in England. Bravoooooo!

Beside of borzois ring as always, we met many friends from around the world. Hmmm, in the ring, we have seen many different things , also Helena and Filip ( Filigranovij Farfor Wolkowo at Russkaya ) . Many were missing .We are strongly rooting for a friend Krešo & Kantichka.

The final account for BOB by judge Jean Clare ( Ryazan borzoi ) between of two swedish borzois Borzowski Phenomenon and Borscana Stylish Fiction was quite quickly decited to favor of Phenomenon who dominated over the ring from the start of judging . He is a dog with exceptional charisma, which you don't see on photos and special presence in connect with his owner Lena. To look this couple with open mouth :-)
For Walter Albert, this was a second win at Crufts and again he proved as amazing handler who has mastered this job to perfection. Congratulations both Lena nad Walter !

R.CC were brother and sister Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk & Ice Pearl breed and own by Sue Carter . I like both .

On Sunday we spent the trip in surrounding countryside, visiting Art gallerie and finished in Slater dinning room with Pollo alla cacciatore , apple & raspberry pie and last taste of whiskey.

Thanks to Gay, Martin, Zvone, Nadja, Helena and Kiki for a memorable and above all to tears smiling weekend in England.

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Anonimni pravi ...

Excellent reportage Davor! Thank you for the support!

The Chthonic Car Critic pravi ...

What a wonderful view in to Crufts, many thanks!
Kathe in North Carolina US