ponedeljek, 07. december 2009


Shocked me the news that our dear friend Richard died. He was one of the greatest borzoi breeders last half century. His breeding with prefix Sholwood left the sign around the world , from native England, throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Australia to the USA. Thus borzois: Sholwood Striking Rubies, Stars & Stripes, Sonet, Slipper Orchid, Silver Fox, Sweet Magnolia, Tiger Eye, Seraph, Silent Monarch, Silver Fortune, Striking Midnight, Silver Moon , Singing the Blues , Song of Sky , St Kida ,Second Amendment etc ... are in many borzoi pedigrees over the world and in our memories of gorgeus winners and champions.
Richard was also highly respected judge who had the opportunity to create a breed in many important exhibitions around the world .

Richard has bred in recent years with partner Sue Carter under the prefix Rothesby Sholwood. The most famous dogs from that period are certainly Pandarus, Pella, Pandora. When I last talked to him at Crufts this year has entrusted me that his favorite borzoi is young girl Rothesby Sholwood Sleet.
I will remeber special Richards humor and, above all, that was openhearted person and has always said only what he thought.
I was still a huge fan of Sholwood and Richard was my role model in the breeding and we will miss him .

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