sobota, 05. september 2009


Published is a new edition of the magazine Scandinavian Sighthound This is a very high quality, luxury sighthound journal in which advertise and write about sighthounds breeders from around the world.This journal in the library of sighthoundslovers should not be left out.
This year's number is dedicated to breed borzoi, so most of the journal devoted to this breed. Beautiful pastel, which decorates the cover is the work of artist and borzoisbreeder Christina Schulte, last page is an exceptional photo from Australian kennel Marakhoff.
It is a great honor to have been under the rubric: "Breeders Forum" by Stephen Wheeler, together with the 21 most recognize borzoisbreeders from around the world published the interview with our kennel Wolkowo. Thank you Stephen and thanks especially Lize Edland for confidence. These breeders interviews more or less frank revealing the charms and disadvantages of breeding, what is extremely interesting reading. The most I remember sentence by Susanna Holmberg: "A breeder that says thay never had any healt problem at all scares me." Me too!

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