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BISS & Multi, SLO, CRO, HU, AUT, I, INT Champion Hlopkovaja Almaska - "Maska" was born before thirteen years in the small litter with a brother and a sister ,both Multi champions : Hvostati Apraskin and Hrustalnaja Azurka. This litter of three was really very high quality and successful , but Maska has become ambassador of Wolkowo kennel in the near and distant surroundings and one of the first dog that has carry kennel name throughout the world . She still remains the most successful Slovenian borzoi as for the resulting title.
I remember Maska as a most pleasant companion through life , always, from the first day of his life has been unproblematic dog , both in terms of character, attitude to us and her good health to the late years. She loved people, animals, shows, coursing, walks in nature, in short, she immense loved life and in life was enjoy immensely together with us.
The first steps on the show rings she did with me, at a time when Helena was on maternity leave and I can say that she was born for the ring - born to be a star, and this is becoming. Maska was a classic type of borzoi in red & white , her quality are appreciated by almost all the judges who have ever judged her. With charm won many hearts , so that years later when she was already retired , judges asked for her.
Maska gave us a wonderful litter and a new star of kennel Multi CH Belogrudij Berkut, who pass away before few months. In recent months we know that Maska was old and weak, however, for her remains a significant gap and the sea of wonderful memories. Life has ups and falls , but this year we have left so many of our precious , that I will remember as the year of sadness .

So, goodbye Gorgeous in one another time and one another dimension !

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petiit pethaus pravi ...

hard to read ... sorry & hugs, Vida & Co.

Andreja Novak - Ninochka's pravi ...

Ojla.... letos je žalostno leto za naše zvezdice ... ampak so bile z nami zelo dolgo... verjamem, da bodo v mavrični deželi skupaj veselo lovili "zajčke" :-) Zadnji pozdrav Maski - Andreja & co.

Wolkowo pravi ...