sreda, 29. april 2009

Gordij Gogol Wolkowo at new home !

Of all events this year, we are most pleased that we find a new loving home for our Gogol. He is adopted by Jasna and Goran from Belgrade. Little Mirko or Mirko jr. as father was his nickname , but he's now much bigger and stronger then senior Mirko . Gogol is really big boy but very kind personality and he really deserves a happy life . His new company and "a gang" now are Jasna's & Goran's son Pavle , two pinchs , one spitz and a borzoi lady . Colorfull society in which Gogol as illustrated photos enjoy. Thank you so much Jasna and Goran !

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Anonimni pravi ...

to je res lepa novička, srečno fantu v novem domu...,


Wolkowo pravi ...
Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.
Wolkowo pravi ...

I wish him a happy life very much !