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Puppy News - our GG litter at age 4 month - pedigree

Dear All, Wolkowo kennel is proudly presenting our GG litter boys. they are 4 month old and still looking for new pet or show homes.

This is Gavril, lovely boy with ourgoing characher which would be grate for the show ring. I think that he knows that he is beautifull. He is a lot like his unkel Apraskin. He is very communicative and likes to play and explore, he is very active and loves to have your attention. We would like to find for him a show home.

This little boy is Golos, or we call him Grom, quite oposite from his character, because he is wery calm and kind. He likes to klimb in the bed every time when he has oportunity. He has just lovely character.

What about him, he is a clown in the family, or if I can say like father like son.
We call him little Mirko. Mirko is his father's nick name, but this little one is so similar to his father that no othe name is suatable for him. He is very friendly and happy boy, specialy he likes to eat so kitchen is his favorite place.

And this is Gliad, our gentle boy, so quite and calm.
He is really something special in character and he would be perfect for a family who would love him and spend a lot of time with him.

And now some photos from the relatives, for complite pedigree please ask and I will be more the glad to send it to you.

Father: Ch. Rothesby Sholwood Miracle
Mother: Ch. Casablanka Coastwind Wolkowo
Grandfather: Ch. Rothesby Shadow Chant
Grandmother: Rothesby Savanna
GrandGrandfather: Ch. Cordova Mishkova Silverado of Rothesby
GrandGrandmother: Ch. Rothesby Serin
GrandGrandfather: Ch. Rothesby Saker
Grandfather: Ch. Gustopsowaya's Merry Monarch
Grandmother: Ch. Hrustalnaja Azurka
GrandGrandfather: Ch. Indygo Irtisz Polot
GrandGrandmother: Ch. Netochka Wolkowo
GrandGrandGrandmother: Ch. Vorenoff Ziganka Wolkowa

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